Sunday, April 28, 2013

Risk Legacy...Battle 1

Hey Risk Fans...My friends from Sinister Wargaming and I had our first game of Risk Legacy Friday and here is my promised AAR.  Before I go on please know that these articles will be talked about all the secrets that we come across as in the course of the you have been warned ;).

So here is what we did at the before the start of the game.  We had to chose the special  the special ablities of each of the factions and add 12 resource coins to the territory cards. 

  • Imperial Balkania - When recruiting troops, round up when dividing your territory and population by 3, not down.
  •  Die Mechaniker - Your stating HQ is always treated as Fortified when you defend it.
  • Khan Industries - At the start of your turn, place one troop in each territory that has a HQ you control.
  • Enclave of the Bear- If your attack roll is a kind and at least one defending troop is defeated, you conquer the territory. remove all defending troops.
  • Saharan Republic - You can make your maneuver at any point during your turn.
  • Western United States
  • Greenland
  • Western Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Middle East
  • Japan
  • Venezuela
  • Argentina
  • Russia
  • Western Europe
  • Madagascar
  • Central Africa
Ok so those are the first choices we made then we started the game by choosing factions and starting's a picture of starting positions.
Here's how the starting factions, territories and the order of play shock out.
  1. George - Imperial Balkania, Great Britain
  2. Joe - Enclave of the Bear, Mongolia 
  3. ME - Die Mechaniker, Venezuela
  4. Joel -  Khan Industries, Central Africa
Play proceeded like normal Risk for for a few turns then George struck first blood at
Eastern Canada, where I was making a major push for North America.  The first attack also involved the first use of a Risk Legacy rule, a Scar call "ammo shortage" meaning the defender has to -1 to his highest roll
needless to say I lost Eastern Canada and momentum in North America.

The game went back and forth for awhile then Joe took all of Asia and made pushes for each of our HQs after a couple failed tries against each of us George made a pact with Joe to let him keep his HQ and he would attack him anymore letting Joe focus on Joel and I.  So in one round Joe recruited 17 troops and added that to 12+ he had already and pushed at me through Alaska and Joel through East Africa...and promptly took both our HQs and won the game.  Here's what the map looked like afterwords

So Joe won and we had used all our scars in the game 2 ammo shortages in Eastern Canada and Ontario while using 2 fortifications in Alaska and Southern Europe.

Joe decided to found a Major City in Mongolia named "Bumville"
Joel founded a minor city called "Tittieopolis" 
George added a resource coin to Greenland
and I added a resource coin to Argentina 

And there you go our first game and our first silly named cities...until next time
"Play it, Change it, Make it yours"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Risk Legacy...endurance run

So some friends and I decided to get Risk Legacy and commit to playing it once a month for those who don't know what Risk Legacy is here is a link to its BoardGameGeek page and here is a picture my copy of the game :)

Ok, I am going to try to document these games and write up an article about the winners and losers of each game and how this might effect the next game... basically an AAR(after action report) for each game.  For those who know about how Risk Legacy works but haven't played it, these articles will potentially be Spoiler filled so don't say I didn't warn you!

So the first game will be this upcoming Friday so hopefully I will have a post ready for Sunday or Monday.

The players will be my friends from where these posts will also go up

Goodluck to my enemies and possibly occasional allies
Joe, George and Joel