Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Boy and his DOG

So some people have asked to see comparison pics of my Leviathan Crusader and my Warhound so here you go...a touching story about a boy and his dog and there only wish.
fighting back to back
and sometimes mooning people

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let slip THE DOG OF WAR!!!

My WARHOUND is back for the painter (the wonderful Shawna Burgess)
and I finally mounted him to his base and snapped a bunch of pictures
I would like to introduce you all to 
full frontal
left leg detail
right leg detail
heres a nice butt shot
carapace detail
now the other side
OK i have alot more photos of this guy head on over to this gallery to see more

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Praeferox walks!!!!!

Here is my DreamForge Leviathan Crusader with its newly finished paint job and mounted on his base.  I named him Preaferox and he is part of the Legio Astorum...he is going to have a twin brother plus a BIG brother and a friendly dog...I'll post updates as they are finish by my Excellent painter Shawna Burgess.
here's his heroic photo
Sword arm!!!
Cannon Arm!!!
head on..."COME AT ME BRO!"
here is a link to his gallery
If you interested in getting your own check out Dreamforge-games for more info
This beautiful paint job was done by a friend who loves to paint, her name is Shawna Burgess.
I can but you in contact with her if you are interested in having her paint something for you too!