Sunday, March 10, 2013

Praeferox walks!!!!!

Here is my DreamForge Leviathan Crusader with its newly finished paint job and mounted on his base.  I named him Preaferox and he is part of the Legio Astorum...he is going to have a twin brother plus a BIG brother and a friendly dog...I'll post updates as they are finish by my Excellent painter Shawna Burgess.
here's his heroic photo
Sword arm!!!
Cannon Arm!!!
head on..."COME AT ME BRO!"
here is a link to his gallery
If you interested in getting your own check out Dreamforge-games for more info
This beautiful paint job was done by a friend who loves to paint, her name is Shawna Burgess.
I can but you in contact with her if you are interested in having her paint something for you too!

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